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Having her lie on her side in sort-of a fetal like position while he kneels in behind her buttocks offers a very comfortable way to penetrate. Log in to post comments Printer-friendly version. Being on all fours also makes it easier for her to stimulate the clit while being penetrated. And for the woman; the benefit comes from this positions ability to stimulate the front wall of the vagina which ups the chances of a g-spot orgasm. While it may not give you the same intimacy that comes from a face to face position; it goes a long way in pleasure for both parties. He then gets to sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling of his partner doing the work while he gets to watch every delicious moan escape her lips as she rides him.

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Emilee. Age: 23.
gay obese sex

This has got to be the one of the greatest sex positions for fat people—and all people alike for that matter!

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Kaia. Age: 22.
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Obesity among U.S. adults in 2015, by sexual orientation and gender

A winning combination for sure! Sex is a healthy and exciting part of life that should be enjoyed and cherish regardless of size. Some sex positions can be tricky as it is, but when you have body size issues to contend with; things can get downright uncomfortable if not dangerous!

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