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Flexor spasms usually accompany other features of the upper motor neuron involvement, like spasticity and hyperreflexia, because the main inhibitory pathway, i. Investigations revealed a normal hemogram and serum biochemistry. Cerebral causes are known to cause foot drop,[ 3 , 4 ] but flexor spasms are thought entirely to be of spinal cord origin. There were no sensory complaints. Thus, cortical lesions can rarely cause flexor spasms in conjunction with spasticity, weakness and other upper motor neuron features.

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Abstract Flexor spasms are involuntary muscle contractions comprising dorsiflexion at the ankle and flexion at the knee and the hip, occurring as a result of nociceptive spinal release reflex.

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An MRI scan of the lumbosacral spine showed disc prolapse with minimal compression over thecal sac at L4-L5 level. The possibility of an intracranial lesion was considered due to abnormal cortical sensations in the presence of normal primary sensory modalities. Case Report A thirty five-year-old gentleman presented to us with gradually progressive difficulty in walking for one and a half years, due to dragging of the right foot on the ground. The motor areas of the cortex, through corticobulbar pathways, facilitate dorsal reticulospinal pathway, augmenting the net inhibitory drive down the spinal cord.

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