Vintage road racing

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Historic motorsport is motorsport with vehicles limited to a particular era. Only safety precautions are modernized in these hobbyist races. A historical event can be of various types of motorsport disciplines, from road racing to rallying.

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My new screen saver on my my computer monitor. Think I'll keep this one on for a while. Such a beautiful bike.

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Velocette motorcycles, NortonLaverdaand extinct Japanese brands accent the grounds. Rare, unique, and definitely old motorcycles are transported from the safety of their owners homes for the annual Vintage Road Racing Festival. This is a place of true grit motorcycling, of down-to-earth aficionados lapping the track on most anything ever created with two wheels!

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I got a firsthand look at vintage roadracing in the U. Vintage racing is fairly self-explanatory. Many participants are ex-racers from an earlier era who are keeping their love of racing alive. One such person is famed author and chassis engineer, Tony Foale who wrote a landmark book called Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design.

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The air-filled soft barriers, which are owned by the Roadracing World Action Fund and known by the trade name Airfence, will be in place along sections of the race course to help protect riders who crash. We'd like to thank all the individuals, organizations and companies that have contributed to the Roadracing World Action Fund over the years for making this and other soft barrier deployments possible. The Roadracing World Action Fund, a c 3 tax-exempt charitable organization with a mission to help reduce rider injuries, raises money to buy and deploy soft barriers at road race and flat track events.

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Much more than just a vintage race, the Put-in-Bay Sports Car Races and Reunion also welcomes owner-drivers of non-racing, vintage sports cars of types similar to the race cars. These "street cars" participate in all the various events and activities, except the actual races. Put-in-Bay is a nostalgic island enclave and a short ferry ride off the shore of Lake Erie near Sandusky, Ohio.

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Like Us on Facebook! Festival Map legend links to locations. Last year, an estimated 25, spectators helped us celebrate.

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To join our mailing list and receive notifications about upcoming race meetings and information about the register please enter your name and email address below. A Give-a-Little page has been set up for the next month to assist them in the future and we hope that our club members and the general public will donate. Click here to visit or donate to the Chris Swallow Memorial Fund. Remember to renew your membership before the AGM or you will be unable to vote!

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The Sebring event focused on cars that competed during the — period, and its success gave a solid kick start to the American vintage-racing hobby. Hartley wrote, the past is a foreign country, and they do things differently there. It is tempting to see our ancestors and predecessors as living fruit-fly lives between wars and social upheavals, trapped at the same time in the pre-internet amber of communications by post and news delivery via paperboy.

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We recognize that the oldest of these motorcycles are the least available; therefore only small numbers are likely to participate in most events, and some events may have no examples. However, AHRMA is committed to maintaining a venue to showcase these early motorcycles, no matter how few. Roadracing and to showcase these unique machines. While Superbikes were based on the same production bikes available in the showroom, period performance parts are extremely rare or even unavailable; therefore, a limited amount of modern replacement parts are allowed in the interest of safety, cost containment and competition.