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Just another day at the office…. Flexing as I peeped through the crack in the door; showing of his perfect salt and pepper abs, casually making sexual jokes about me sucking his dick just to tease me. His vest covered so little of his body that he might as well be shirtless. Your muscular body contoured by your salt and pepper chest hair was perfect, I tried desperately not to stare for too long due to fear of what you might say if you caught me. He would sit on the couch and pull his pants down before spreading his legs. Fantasising about scenarios that would turn into the most explosive sex dreams.

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Frankie. Age: 26.
black gay incest tumblr

Maybe I would see him again… maybe I would build up the courage to talk to him.

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Zuri. Age: 26.
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I start to play with his saggy ball bag protecting the biggest balls I have ever seen. He looks down at me in pure domination. Almost immediately I felt his warm strong hands gliding over my cheeks, squeezing them tight. Soon you feel a gush of warm cum that fills your ass.

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