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As Kate pulls off her sweater, Hanna notices a birthmark on Kate's waist. It turns out that Kate and her friends outside the stable overheard the whole exchange after Mona 'accidentally' set her riding helmet on the loudspeaker switch. Kate insists she doesn't know what Hanna is talking about, and Hanna says that there was no birthmark in the photo, and that Kate should be more careful when taking a sweater off in public. Hanna shows Kate to her next class. Ashley defends Hanna, while Isabel demands that Hanna be punished. The next day, everyone on Hanna's contacts list receives a photo of Kate, naked, changing in the locker room.

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Tom is furious with Hanna for getting drunk and ruining Isabel's dress, thinking she is intentionally doing it, and doesn't believe her when she tries to explain.

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Hanna leads Kate into the girls bathroom and confronts her about the picture, saying she didn't take the picture, but she knows who did. Kanna is the pairing between Hanna Marin and Kate Randall. Kate seems to hear Mona only, and they set a date.

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