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This joke sets the tone and should pretty much give you an idea of the level of humor this movie is on. There is a scene in the library which is based on The Breakfast Club , only instead of satirizing it, it is simply a recreation of the exact same scene, even down to the set and features the same actor playing the principal as the original. You need an unusually high tolerance for bathroom humor and an extensive knowledge of teen movies from the 80s and 90s to find Not Another Teen Movie enjoyable. One scene to the exception is the one Scott mentioned where the "ugly" girl becomes "pretty" by just removing her glasses and taking her hair out of a pony tail. Other humorous moments which have little to do with satire include a big production number before the Prom.

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Not Another Teen Movie

The rest of the cast is decent, still the presence of someone with the comedic chops of Anna Faris is sorely missed. Those types of jokes are good for one viewing but don't age well. I think it's simply a case of clever marketing on top of a good premise. According to Wikipedia it parodies no fewer than 26 movies only about half of which deserve the honor , and all in just under 90 minutes.

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