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PolyGuy Polyamory Paradigm Just your typical guy enjoying life, love, and discussion of the poly lifestyle. I too belong to a few BDSM and "other" sites and actually enjoy seeing pictures of scenes like you describe. Monday, December 6, Where did my clothes go? I'm surprised sometimes when poly people say they have a hard time finding other poly people. A Dollar, A Dolor 4 years ago.

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Marisol. Age: 20.
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Blog disclaimer, copyright, and other junk.

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Lilyana. Age: 23.
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I'm in a Relationship With Four People. Just One Is My Husband.

Send e-mail to me at: PolyamoryParadigm gmail. The question was, "Why would someone post explicit, suggestive, nude pics of themselves on a social site or group? I could understand if maybe it was a Swingers site or group as maybe they would want to use their pretty bits to try and attract partners. But later, as I began attending events, I did post nude photos.

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