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best friends girlfriend tumblr
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It felt nice ad sweet like a dream coming true but your shoulders were still slightly tensed and your fingers hooked into his shirt nervously. From this close you could see a few flecks splattered over his skin that felt pretty smooth and nice under your fingertips. Even if he was just joking. You have shared secrets under the very same lavender-scented blanket and you have probably cried there about some guy breaking your heart in freshman year of college. You wanted to give it to Jae, so he could check himself out too but instead of taking it from you, he just stared you in the eyes. So over the six years of your friendship you had become well accustomed to the soft texture of his mattress, his posters surrounding you and his closeness.

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Ophelia. Age: 26.
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He would probably look ridiculous but he could pull that off too.

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Milani. Age: 26.
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You chose a light coloured palette for his eyeshadow because of his recent hair colour but first; eyeliner! You had pulled your right leg up to the bed at one point to move more comfortable but like this it was by his waist and the other one was basically thrown over his left leg. Until then send in ideas how I can ask her out. Posted 1 year ago with notes Tagged: day6writersnet day6 jae day6 fluff jae fluff day6 scenarios day6 imagines day6 fanfic jae scenarios jae imagines jae oneshot day6 oneshot jae fanfic day6 x reader jae x reader park jaehyung friends to lovers youtuber au stories.

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