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Communicate with your partner about what makes you most comfortable physically and adapt. I remember wondering how he had no idea how much I liked him, because every evening I would rush round to his flat to make sure I was the one who would feed him his tea, just so I could sit next to him. Can we just talk about disabled people having sex for a minute please? So the following post is recommended for those 18 and over seeing as it deals with a mature subject matter. The best part is that I was able to let him do all of the work, which, with chronic fatigue, is SO necessary. Sex can be tricky when you have a disability, especially a physical one that limits you.

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Serenity. Age: 28.
handicap sex tumblr

I mean, paralysed people are represented, but hardly ever to the level ian is paralysed.

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Kaitlyn. Age: 21.
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But as we know from those other films, there are Egyptian actors, there are Hawaiian actors, and yes, there are disabled actors. We ended up using a female condom for birth control purposes, which allows for a little wiggle room especially for Boyfriend 2 aka Mr. He has also said in the past he was worried I would be scared if I saw him lying down, so it took a long time for us to have sex, and he worried again about me not loving him any more if I had to deal with his bowel care, so it took us ages to go away on holiday anywhere just the two of us.

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